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  • Employment

    Q-Box utilizes a workforce consisting primarily of people with severe disabilities to manufacture corrugated boxes and packaging materials as well as assembly operations for local manufacturers and businesses.

    Q-Box provides quality training in the work habits needed to obtain integrated competitive employment while earning a paycheck. Q-Box is equipped to offer you flexible hours, in a friendly and social work environment.

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  • Services

    The Quality Box Company, creates and ships thousands of die cut materials, boxes and packaging, used for a variety of products to customers all over the United States.

    In addition to producing and assembling die cut materials, Q-Box also performs a diverse variety of assembly and packaging operations to assist companies with ongoing segments of manufacturing processes.

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QBox Director, Steve Watts

After 6 years of Naval Service and 13 years working for IBM, Steve felt a desire to do something more. Steve's work began here at Employment Solutions, which at the time was under the title, Metro Industries in 1986

As a child Steve befriended a neighborhood boy with disabilities. While Steve and his friends included the child in sports and play, he recalled the extremely cruel and unjust treatment that the young boy often experienced at the hand of others in the neighborhood and at school. Steve knew that things just were not as they should be. This compassion and empathy stuck with Steve and he was compelled to do more.

By chance in 1986, Steve heard of a job opening at what was then Metro Industries and is now Employment Solutions.

Today, after 27 years of service Steve continues to love the work that he does. He most enjoys seeing the real difference this program makes in the lives of so many individuals as they develop new and enhanced work and life skills as well as the sense of self-worth and accomplishment that employment provides.

Contact Director Steve Watts at 859.253.2658 ext. 122

What We Do And How We Do It

  • Employment Solutions

    More Than A Job, A Great Life Experience.

    Working at QBox opens the doors to many opportunities no other job can offer. During your work day, take some time to get fit at Total Fitness a great program available to you.

  • Art Gardens

    Don't Just Stay Indoors

    Stepping out the back door at QBox puts you at the front door of Art Gardens our very own green house project. After you grow it, learn to cook it at Relish kitchen.

  • All things QBox

    From collating, and sub assembly, to packaging, QBox does it all. Anything we dont use doesn't go to waste, we recycle every scrap that gets left behind.

  • This Could Be You!

    We are equipped to meet your assisted employment needs. Employees of QBox enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. Join the QBox team today.

  • Big Customers, Big Responsibity

    Our customers include Best Buy, Xpedx, Rand McNally, GE, Bluegrass Mailing and Data Fullfillment and many other great companies across the United States