Medicaid Information

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Transportation Information

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QBox Employment

The Quality Box Company, creates and ships thousands of die cut materials, boxes and packaging, used for a variety of products to customers all over the United States. Q-Box provides quality training in the work habits needed to obtain integrated competitive employment while earning a paycheck. In addition to producing and assembling die cut materials, Q-Box also performs a diverse variety of assembly and packaging operations to assist companies with ongoing segments of manufacturing processes. Q-Box is equipped to offer you flexible hours, in a friendly and social work environment.We are serious about quality and workmanship, and the satisfaction of our employees and customers alike.

Contact Aja Jacobi, Director of Facility and Community Based Services at 859-253-2658 x 130

Bluegrass Career Services

Bluegrass Career Services (BCS) provides work readiness skills, permanent job placement and on-the-job support to people with barriers to employment. Contact Director Nicole Dummitt at 859.272.4855 ext. 108 BCS

Employment Solutions Personnel

Employment Solutions Personnel (ESP) provides temporary employment for various disadvantaged persons. Contact Director Sharon Marsee at 859.971.1306 ext. 128ESP

College for Technical Education

College for Technical Education (CTE) offers vocational education within six occupational areas including Office Administration, Building and Maintenance Technician, Food and Hospitality Professional, Early Childhood Education, Cosmetology and Medical Assistant. Contact Director Andrea Mason at 859.272.5225 ext. 105CTE