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Transportation Information

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Total Fitness

Total fitness offers a variety of opportunities, utilizing a full time highly skilled instructor, incorporating health education and fitness into your work day. Classes and team sports include: basketball, tennis, bowling, swimming, walking, and hiking, snow tubing, cardio and strength training, dance and aerobics and baseball leagues. No matter which of our many programs you choose, take advantage of our state of the art, fully accessible fitness facility.


Studio e, is a large multidisciplinary artists space that supplies artists with professional grade art materials. Our highly trained and diversified staff is equipped to support artistic growth across a broad spectrum of media and creative styles.


Relish Culinary Arts Program fully wheelchair accessible teaching kitchen, designed for all skill levels from the most core kitchen concepts to creating complex gourmet meals. Relish from our own greenhouses. Our menus are culturally diverse and our practices are offers daily classes teaching proper food handling and culinary arts, using only healthy and nutritious ingredients. We emphasize the use of local produce as well as those harvested eco-friendly.

Art Gardens

Employment Solutions is proud to have several flourishing on site Green houses and flower gardens.

Digital Media Center

Everyone should have the opportunity and supports to access the vast wealth of knowledge the internet provides about the world. Our on-site Digital Media Center provides multiple computer stations on the forefront of technology that are regularly and professionally maintained.

Community Now

Life is not limited to the walls of a program and everyone should have access to all our community has to offer. "Community Now",offers access to an abundance of culturally diverse opportunities, social events, fine arts experiences, diverse dining,great music venues, afterhours and weekend events all emphasizing community inclusion.

Community Access and Respite

In an extension of the core belief in community inclusion and independence, we offer the services of Community Access. Community Access incorporates the values and opportunities of our "Community Now", program with the support of a one on one mentoring experience focusing on skills of independent living. You also have the option to bring a friend making it a one on two experience.

Life Works

Employment Solutions' Life Works, located at 90 Southport DR, just behind the Good Foods Co-op on Southland DR. offers a variety of essential services designed to assist people with behavioral barriers to gain the independence and stability to more successfully participate in work, in the community and at home.

Employment Solutions Personnel

Employment Solutions Personnel (ESP) is designed to place people with and without employment barriers into the workforce by using the temporary-to-permanent staffing model. ESP allows businesses to try out potential permanent employees on a short-term basis while they remain employees of ESP. This approach allows job seekers with limited or unstable work histories to choose from various types of work and employers until a satisfactory vocational fit is made. By using the temporary work model, the job seeker gains work experience in a manner that increases the likelihood that a successful, permanent job placement will be attained. Direct job placement may also be obtained through ESP.

Bluegrass Career Services

Bluegrass Career Services (BCS) effectively unites employers who have positions to fill with individuals who are seeking work. As a job placement service, BCS offers a competitive advantage over typical employment agencies for both businesses and individuals.

College for Technical Education

Instruction at the College for Technical Education (CTE) has been designed to ensure the success of each trainee. We use the principles of a nationally recognized model that has been noted by several national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Training Magazine. CTE and its replication sites now train over 7,000 people per year in 28 skills in 31 locations from coast to coast. CTE is also accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.